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BELLAIRE, Ohio 43906
BELMONT, Ohio 43718
BETHESDA, Ohio 43719
BLAINE, Ohio 43909
BRIDGEPORT, Ohio 43912
FLUSHING, Ohio 43977
MORRISTOWN, Ohio 43759
SHADYSIDE, Ohio 43947
COLERAIN, Ohio 43916
Itinerary for Belmont County group tours
Itinerary for Barnesville area group tours
The Shaeffer/Campbell Covered Bridge
stands east of the Ohio University Eastern Campus, I-70 Exit 213, overlooking a pond.  It was originally built in 1891 in Fairfield County.  Rescused from destruction in the late 1960's, it was reconstructed on the present site in 1975. 
Ohio Bicentennial Barn
in Belmont County is one of the 88 painted in each of Ohio's counties.  Scott Hagen of Jerusalem, Ohio painted all 88 barns. This one is located off of Rt. 147, prior to the entrance to Barkcamp State Park. 
Mail Pouch Barn
in Barkcamp State Park, painted by deceased barn painter Harley Warrick of Belmont, Ohio.  This is one of the many barns on which Harley left his mark.  Harley estimated he traveled 50,000+ miles a year as a Mail Pouch painter before he retired.  He was featured in People Magazine, Smithsonian and the Wall Street Journal to name a few.  Warrick painted by eye, starting at the center with the "e" in chew.
Ohio Scenic Byway  National Rd. (US Rt. 40) spans the entire width of Ohio for 235 miles as it parallels and sometimes follows I-70 between Bridgeport in the east to Richmond, Indiana in the west.  The first federally funded road in American history, the National Road takes you from gently rolling hills to the flat farmlands commonly found on the edge of the Great Plains.  The National Road was named an All-American Road by the Federal Highway Administration, which administers the National Scenic Byways Program. 
Drovers' Trail
an old cattleman's trail where livestock were herded to commercial boats on the Ohio River--located just south of National Road in eastern Ohio's hill country.  Extending from Exit 202 on I-70(Hendrysburg) in Belmont County, south along State Rt. 147 to the Ohio River city of Bellaire, Drovers' Trail links the National Road and Ohio River Scenic Byways.
Raven Rocks

in 1970, a group of young Quakers bought the "Raven Rock" to protect it from strip mining.  The growing awareness that we human beings are releasing forces of nature that could threaten the survival not only of the ravines, but ourselves as well, has led to additional efforts.  The public demonstration projects are still in progress.  A drive though the propety can be a pleasant reminder of how beautiful Mother Nature just naturally is when she is handled gently, which means with knowledge and respect for her rules and procedues.  Raven Rocks is located 3 miles north of Beallsville, off State Rt. 145.

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